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Dear Friend,

It's our wish to address you with this letter. It’s very important for us to get in touch with our customers, for a simple reason: Without you, we would not be in business. We want your travel experience to China with us to be perfect. In TravelChinaPlanner, everything revolves around servicing you. The service level we've built is handcrafted by some of the most gifted individuals in the tourism industry:

- Seasoned management team
- With over 70% of our staff active in customer-facing activities.

Together with our team, we arranged each of our travel product to exactly meet your demands, may it be for a complex tour package, customer-oriented to your requirement or your hobby.

We spent years to evaluate the expectations and needs of our customers.

We can proudly say that we successfully provide the service people are looking for at 24/7, every day of the year. To combat any concerns you may have, we've created several guarantees. They should help you make the decision for the better package tours - for traveling in China. Unlike our competitors, we guarantee you this in writing, as part of our Terms of Service.

No matter how big the problem will probably happen when you are staying in China, our staff will tackle and resolve it. We offer dedicated 24/7 support, including holidays, over phone and online support.

And be sure to know, everyone working at TravelChinaPlanner.com will be right beside you if you ever encounter a problem. Choose TravelChinaPlanner for your needs, we will prove the high quality of our travel service to you.

The TCP Team

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