Beijing Urban Planning Exhibition Hall
Address: No 20, East Qianmen Avenue, Chongwen Disrict.

Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall takes particular pains to present Běijīng’s gut-wrenching, hútòng -felling metamorphosis in the best possible light. English labelling is sadly scarce; the only exhibits of note are a detailed bronze map of the town in 1949 - ironically the very year that sealed the fate of old Peking - and a huge, detailed diorama of the modern metropolis.

The rest of the exhibition is a paean to modern city planning and the unstoppable advance of the concrete mixer, while 3-D films trumpet ‘The New Běijīng’.

The Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall is designed to introduce the long history of the immortal city of Beijing, display the great achievements of the modern urban planning and development, and exhibit the splendid future of Beijing’s urban development. The 16,000 square-meter floor space is distributed on 4 floor levels in the Hall, with 8,000 square meters for exhibits.

On the second floor there is a bronze relief sculpture of The Old City of Beijing is 10-meter high and 9-meter wide with a scale of 1:1,000. It fully depicts the overall layout and characteristics of Beijing in 1949. The sculpture features more than 118,000 houses and 60,000 trees and a large number of alleys, lakes and rivers.

The third floor features the evolution of the old city of Beijing with a large amount of photos, old maps, wells of the Han Dynasty and gate frusta and column heads of the Qing Dynasty, as well as models of courtyard houses and various gateways. The transformation of Beijing is traced from its primitive stage to the emergence of a city and eventually to a big metropolis and capital of a multi-nation state, as well as through the cultural and city planning characteristics.

On the forth floor there is a 3-D film cinema which covers a floor area of 400 square meters with a 120-degree arc screen and is able to show wide-screen movies and virtual-reality city animations. Available movies now include (1) The Immortal City, a 10-minute film about the 850-year history of Beijing as a capital city; (2) The New Beijing, a 3-D film lasting about 6 minutes, featuring current achievements in the development of Beijing and the progress towards 2008.

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