Wangjiang Tower Park

The 12-hectare (29.6-acre) park lies east of the Zhuge Liang Memorial Temple and beyond the campuses of Southwest China Institute for Nationalities, Sichuan University and other institutions of higher learning.

The Tang-dynasty poetess Xue Tao (?-c.834) lived here and is said to have used water from a well that has remained to this day for making the dark-red paper she wrote her poetry on. Thins paper, called “Xue Tao Paper,” became very popular.

A path lined with green bamboo leads to the ancient overlooking tower. Both the flowers and bamboo in the park flourish in great variety. The bamboo includes every valuable species native to Sichuan Province and more than 30 kinds from South China and Japan. Some species have thick foliage, others have nodes at the roots, while one species has straight slender leaves, resembling the tail of the legendary phoenix. Every path here is shaded with bamboo, and every pavilion surrounded by groves of it. The very rays of sunlight that filter through the bamboo seem to be tinted green.

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