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    • Artists' Village
      Artists' Village

      Seventeen state-sponsored artists -- some of them renowned -- live in this complex of cottages overlooking the Jialing River. This sight is a favorite...

    • Chongqing Zoo
      Chongqing Zoo

      Chongqing zoo is located in the western suburb of the city, which was established in 1955. It occupies an area of 45 hectares. It’s one of the big zoo...

    • Gele Hill
      Gele Hill

      Standing in a lovely setting with trees, shrubs, stone walkways, and a babbling brook, Baigong Guan was originally a Sichuan warlord's pied-a-terre, b...

    • Stilwell Museum
      Stilwell Museum

      After Pearl Harbor, then-U.S. President Roosevelt sent Gen. Joseph Stilwell (1883-1946) to Chongqing as commander-in-chief of Allied forces in the Chi...

    • Three Gorges Museum
      Three Gorges Museum

      Originally called the Chongqing Municipal Museum, this museum moved to its more modern and spacious location mid-2005. While still lacking a certain c...

    • Dazu Carvings
      Dazu Carvings

      The Dazu Rock Carvings (pinyin: da zu shi ke) are a series of Chinese religious sculptures and carvings, dating back as far as the 7th century A.D., d...

    • Three Gorges
      Three Gorges

      The 6,300-kilometers-long Yangtze River, third longest in the world next to the Nile (6,690 kilometers) in Egypt, and the Amazon (6,570 kilometers) in...

    • Ciqikou Ancient Town
      Ciqikou Ancient Town

      Ciqikou is an ancient town in Shapingba District, Chongqing, China, originally named Longyinzhen (pinyin: long yin zhen) and also known as Small Chong...

      Total: 8
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