Chongqing Zoo
Address: Xijiao Yi Cun 1, Jiulong Po Qu, in city's southeast quadrant
Transport: Bus: no. 341 or 416 to Dongwuyuan
Phone: 023-6843 3494
Price: ¥20 ($2.50)

Chongqing zoo is located in the western suburb of the city, which was established in 1955. It occupies an area of 45 hectares. It’s one of the big zoos in China.

There are animals more than 2000 in 200 species. The zoo received more than 1 million visitors every year. The panda house is about 2 hectares in size. And the zoo is surrounded by beautiful mountains. The nature scene is a great treasure. The panda house, the highlight of the zoo, will offer you wonderful experience.

If you're going to Chengdu and have time to visit one of the panda breeding centers (in the northern suburbs or at Wolong), then don't bother with the Chongqing Zoo. But if this is your only chance to see pandas, consider spending part of a morning at the giant panda and red panda enclosures. To get to the red pandas, go to the left of the English introduction board and down the stairs. The outdoor enclosure has a half-dozen extremely active small red pandas. Don't bother with the rest of the zoo; it will only depress you.

Tip: The best chance of seeing pandas is during feeding -- between 8:30 and 10:30am. If the pandas aren't out, poke your head in the office behind the English introduction board and ask the zoo warden if he'll feed them. Sometimes that's all it takes.

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