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  • Grassroots Island
    Grassroots Island

    The park showcases many of China's most well-known, contemporary artists, with an interesting selection of abstract and avant-garde works....

  • Li River
    Li River

    Along the 100-kilometer stretch of the Li River, mountain peaks rise into the sky. It is one of China's most famous scenic areas....

  • Reed Flute Cave
    Reed Flute Cave

    It's the largest and the most spectacular of the karst caverns in Guilin. Its name derives from the reed that grows near the entrance of the cave and ...

  • Solitary Beauty Peak
    Solitary Beauty Peak

    It's also known as Purple Golden Hill, towers right in the center of the city. It has the majesty befitting its name: Single Beauty Peak....

  • Seven Star Cave
    Seven Star Cave

    It is the most fascinating of the caves at the foot of Seven-star rocks in Guilin....

  • Elephant Trunk Hill
    Elephant Trunk Hill

    Elephant Trunk Peak, a huge rock formation of an elephant by the confluence of the Yang and Li rivers, looks as if its trunk is dipping into the water...

  • Fubo Hill
    Fubo Hill

    The Fubo Hill towers solitarily in the northeast of the city, with half of it in the Li River. On the eastern side of the hill are a winding corridor ...

  • Jingjiang Seigniorial Graveyard
    Jingjiang Seigniorial Graveyard

    A 107-square-kilometer Ming-dynasty seigniorial graveyard and its underground tomb chambers on the outskirts of Guilin will be turned into a tourist s...

  • Lingqu Canal
    Lingqu Canal

    It is one of the three big water conservation projects of ancient China and the second oldest existing canal in the world....

  • Longsheng Rice Terrace
    Longsheng Rice Terrace

    The best time for a good photo is in early June, when the paddies are pumping with water, the villages are transfering young plant of rice from the se...

Total: 11
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