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  • Daguan Park
    Daguan Park

    Many locals come to sit, drink tea, fly kites, and go boating. There is an ancient pagoda situated in the park, which overlooks the lake to the wester...

  • Dianchi Lake
    Dianchi Lake

    It is a freshwater fault lake at 1,886.5 m (6,189 ft) above sea level. The lake covers 298 km2 (115 sq mi). It is 39 km (24 mi) long from north to sou...

  • Dragon Gate
    Dragon Gate

    Lying 15 km west of Kunming City, the Dragon Gate in the Western Hills is close to the west shore of the Dianchi Lake....

  • Golden Temple
    Golden Temple

    Golden Temple is the largest Taoist Tongwa (bronze-tiled) temple in China and has been preserved almost intact since it was first built....

  • Green Lake Kunming
    Green Lake Kunming

    Green Lake is surrounded by a ring road, and along the edge of that are restaurants and tea houses (some with rooftop dining), shops, and hotels....

  • Stone Forest
    Stone Forest

    This is a notable set of karst formations in Shilin County, in the Yunnan province of southwest China....

  • Tanhua Temple
    Tanhua Temple

    Tanhua Temple has a history of more than 300 years. The gilded statues of Buddha in the Main Hall glisters under the sun, making it look brand new....

  • Western Hills
    Western Hills

    The Western Hills scenic area stretches from the wooded Huating Temple to the Longmen (Dragon Gate) along the steep cliffs....

  • Yuantong Temple
    Yuantong Temple

    In the 1950s, it hosted a grand ceremony to greet and send on the sacred teeth of the Buddha and so became important in Southeast Asia....

  • West Pagoda
    West Pagoda

    Attached is a compound that is a popular spot for older people to drink tea, chat and thwack mah jong tiles around (if not get a shave and a haircut)....

Total: 19
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