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    • Ancient City Wall of Pingyao
      Ancient City Wall of Pingyao

      The walls measure about 12 meters high, with a perimeter of 6,000 meters. A 4-meter wide, 4-meter deep moat can be found just outside the walls....

    • Qiao Family Courtyard
      Qiao Family Courtyard

      This is the best-known of Shanxi's merchant-family mansions (dayuan, or "grand courtyards"), and where Zhang Yimou's Raise the Red Lantern was filmed....

    • Rishengchang

      The Rishengchang Exchange Shop, located in Pingyao, Shanxi province, China, is considered the first draft bank in China's history. It was founded in 1...

    • Shuanglin Temple
      Shuanglin Temple

      Buddhist Shuanglin Temple is part of the World Heritage Site of Pingyao,famous for the 2,000-plus painted statues distributed among 10 halls in three ...

    • Wang Family Courtyard
      Wang Family Courtyard

      First constructed in the mid-17th century, its expansion continued for over a century. Walking through the 123 courtyards and 1,118 houses takes aroun...

    • Yi Yuan
      Yi Yuan

      This Hong Kong-Chinese joint venture winery, which is run by a French wine master, produces probably the best wine in China -- but it's exported to Eu...

      Total: 6
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