Yalong Bay

Twenty-five kilometers from the city proper, Yalong Bay is a major tourist attraction in Sanya. Under the approval of the State Council, the Yalong Bay National Tourist Resort was established on October 2, 1992. It is China’s only national tourist resort in its tropical regions. The Yalong Bay Development Co Ltd had invested a lot of money in improving facilities.

At present, the company has constructed a post office, a satellite TV receiving station, two sewage treatment plants and 15.6 kilometers of roads. With the improvement of the investment environment, many have opened businesses in the day. They have built tourist facilities such as hotels, villas and new scenic spots, to help resort attract more tourists. Of these facilities, the most famous is the Yalong Bay Central Square. Occupying an area of 70,000 square meters, the square is the resort’s central landmark.

In its center, there stands a 26.80-meter-high stone totem pole with sculptures of dragons, phoenixes and the gods of the sun, wind and rain. Other places of interest include a shell exhibition hall and a butterfly valley. The resort also provides tourist activities such as scuba diving (the activity provides the tourist with a thrilling experience in the sea), yachting, and surfing.

With a planned area of 18.6 square kilometers the Yalong Bay is a major tourist attraction in Sanya.

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