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  • Shanghai Grand Theatre
    Shanghai Grand Theatre

    A truly grand eight-story space-age complex of glass and more glass, Shanghai's Grand Theatre, boasting three theatres (the largest seating 1800), is ...

  • Shanghai Bank Museum
    Shanghai Bank Museum

    The museum is only open to individual tourists on Wednesday afternoons from 1 to 4pm; the rest of the time, it caters only to tour groups with prior a...

  • Jing An Park
    Jing An Park

    This pleasant little park was completely remodeled in 1999 when the new Jing An Metro station was created....

  • Longhua Temple
    Longhua Temple

    Shanghai's largest and most active temple is one of its most fascinating, featuring the city's premier pagoda, Longhua Ta. Local lore has it that the ...

  • New Heaven and Earth
    New Heaven and Earth

    Shanghai's trendiest lifestyle destination, this 2-block complex of high-end restaurants (some of Shanghai's best), bars, shops, and entertainment fac...

  • Shanghai Art Museum
    Shanghai Art Museum

    Relocated in 2000 to the historic clock tower building on the northwest end of People's Square, the museum is more to be seen for its 1930s monumental...

  • Jin Mao Tower
    Jin Mao Tower

    Blending traditional Chinese and modern Western tower designs, the building, which boasts 88 floors (eight being an auspicious Chinese number), consis...

  • Nanjing Road
    Nanjing Road

    Nanjing Road is the main shopping street of Shanghai, China, one of the world's busiest shopping streets. Nanjing Road is located in the city center, ...

  • Grand View Garden
    Grand View Garden

    The Grand View Garden (Pinyin: Da guan yuan) is a large garden in the classic novel Dream of the Red Chamber. It is the setting of much of the story....

  • Duolun Lu Culture Street
    Duolun Lu Culture Street

    A 20-minute walk south from Lu Xun Gongyuan (Lu Xun Park and Memorial Hall) is Duolun Lu, Shanghai's culture street, a 1998 attraction angling off Sic...

Total: 65
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