Palkhor Monastery
Address: 230 kilometers (143 miles) south of Lhasa
Price: RMB 45 Yuan

Palkhor Monastery, also named Palcho Monastery, is very different from other monasteries. Built as a Tibetan monastery, its structural style is very unique, reputed as the lord of Tibetan stupas. In addition, it is famous for the architecture, sculpture, and mural painting art.


Palkhor Monastery lies about 230 kilometers (143 miles) south of Lhasa and 100 (62 miles) east of Shigatse at the foot of Dzong Hill.

How to get there

Palkhor Monastery lies at the downtown of Gyangts County. Walk along the stone road if you see the white stupa or white walls, then you will find the monastery not far away.

Opening Hours

0910am to 1600pm( Recommended Time for Visit Two hours)

Travel Tips

1 .You need to spend another RMB 15 Yuan to enter Myriad Buddha Stupa with camera, but it is really worthy if you can capture the picture of Myriad Buddha.

2. Saka Dawa Festival Each April 15 of Tibetan calendar is one of the most important festivals. Thousands of Lamas and believers gathered here from faraway.

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