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General Provisions

In accordance with “Customs Law of the People’s Republic of China”, inward and outward passengers shall enter or leave the territory at the place where the Customs is established. Passengers shall be subject to Customs control, and shall declare honestly to the Customs.

All inward and outward passengers entering or leaving China, except those who are exempted from examination or control in accordance with relevant regulations and those under the age of 16 traveling with adults, shall complete <CHINA Customs BAGGAGE DECLARATION FOR OUTWARD PASSENGERS> or <CHINA Customs BAGGAGE DECLARATION FOR INWARD PASSENGERS> (hereinafter referred to as <DECLARATION FORM>) and declare truthfully to the Customs.

The inward and outward passengers who have nothing to declare shall choose the “Nothing to Declare Channel” (GREEN CHANNEL). Personal articles, carried by inward passengers, within the limitation set by the Customs, are exempted from duty, and personal articles carried by outward passengers shall be released.

The inward and outward passengers carrying articles to declare shall choose the “Goods to Declare Channel” (RED CHANNEL).

The <DECLARATION FORM> verified and endorsed by the Customs shall be kept properly, and shall be re-submitted to the Customs at the time of return if necessary.

Seals affixed by the Customs on the baggage shall not be opened or broken without Customs prior authorization.

Passengers who are not certain about the above instructions shall ask the Customs officers for details or choose the “Goods to Declare Channel” (RED CHANNEL).

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