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Power cuts and water supply

Hotels in certain destinations are sometimes subject to power or water cuts, although they do endeavor to keep inconvenience to a minimum. Hotels may, from time to time, charge a nominal daily fee to your room bill to cover their additional costs for power. Such charges incurred are non-refundable and payable locally.


China is occasionally affected by hurricanes. Hurricanes and other extreme conditions, due to their unpredictability, are a Force Majeure event and we shall not be liable for any changes to your holiday arrangements, either before departure, or during the holiday, which in our judgments are necessary to protect your interests and/or safety.

Hotel/Resort Facilities/Amenities and Descriptions

The hotels we feature are generally open year round, so will have quieter times occasionally. This will enable you to take advantage of, for example, uncrowed beaches and a more personal service from hotel staff. However, this may mean that hotels scale down the availability of some facilities, such as the number of restaurants open or their opening hours to reflect the number of guests.

While the descriptions and information contained on about the cruises, hotels and resorts were accurate at the time of going to print, subsequent to the publication of the text there can be changes. Facilities may become unavailable, for example the swimming pool may undergo maintenance work or restaurants may change from buffet to à la carte meals. Where possible, we will try our best to notify you of any changes that may affect your travel in China.

The information provided on our website relating to resort descriptions, local events or markets, resort attractions, restaurants etc, is offered in good faith and we therefore ask should this be important to you, that you check the details independently. If you are unsure about the suitability of a destination etc, we ask that you seek supplementary information which can be obtained from libraries, tourist offices, the internet, etc.

Building Work

Sometimes redecoration work or building work can commence at or near a hotel. These circumstances are beyond our control and we do not always receive advance notification. We will notify you as soon as possible, if we consider that building work will have a significant effect on the enjoyment of your China tours. See the Booking Conditions for more details.


Please note that height, weight and health restrictions may apply for some excursions.

Chinese Hotels

Most rooms in Chinese hotels have TWO DOUBLE BEDS and can therefore sleep 4. Ideal for a family with 2 children but not so ideal for four adults who don't know each other THAT well! Rooms can also come with ONE large DOUBLE BED. Perfect for a couple. Extra beds can usually be supplied by the hotel to a maximum of TWO but this rather depends on the room size. Some hotels charge locally for these. Most hotel descriptions detail the bedding arrangements.

Special Requests

We will consider special requests such as high floor, pool view, vegetarian meals, seating requests etc, if we are advised at the time of booking. While we will do our best to meet any requests, no guarantee is given as this does not form part of your tour contract.

Important Notice about Private Houses/Villas

We will book your accommodation for you with the number of bedrooms requested. However, accommodation can vary in the amount of equipment and bedding provided and this will be allocated in accordance with the number of people shown on your invoice. We accept no responsibility or liability for any shortfall in equipment or facilities if additional people join you while utilizing the accommodation booked.

Alcohol in the China

Liquor Laws are not as strict as in the USA.


We take the safety and security of our clients extremely seriously. Sadly, crimes against both people and their property are a fact of life over the world and when in a foreign country it is very important to be extra vigilant and avoid drawing attention to you.

Travelers have the responsibility for their own safety and that of their possessions as they do at home. operates to many parts of China. We request that all hotels/operators comply with the local regulations and we urge you to undertake reasonable precaution while o

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